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Mocha Business Search Leaves Officials Puzzled

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Some officials are trying to figure out the real reason behind a customs operation at the business place of a former army colonel who is involved in the mining industry. As this newscast reported last evening a number of customs officers from the enforcement division and police investigators swooped down on the business place aback of mocha. 
One customs official said the business owner provided all the necessary documents for the imported mining equipment and everything checked out. Even searches were conducted on the containers with the equipment and nothing was found. Still, the enforcement officers remained on scene in the man’s compound over 2 nights.

Capitol news was told also that several police officers also visited the man’s Georgetown home wanting to carry out a search. The man and his wife are both former members of the Guyana Defense force and the move has left them asking questions about the real reason behind the move according to sources.

The man has contracts with a number of mining companies and operations and would import and store equipment on their behalf. The business has been in operations for several years and is well known in the mining sector. It has never had a problem with the law, a source said.

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