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Wiki leaks Still Nothing Spectacular

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Wiki leaks has revealed up to now, what most Guyanese have known for years that the country in the grand scheme of things is insignificant in international affairs. The more documents to emerge from the whistleblower website the less significant are the details about Guyana.

In this latest release of document over the last two weeks, there are now over two dozen documents about Guyana and Georgetown; most of them are either routine reports about environmental matters or copies of information relevant to the American embassy in Georgetown. For example, there are reports on the Commonwealth Secretary General and those are copied to the US Embassy Georgetown. Another cable dealing with the British Investment Climate makes reference to Guyana as one of several counties that has a Bilateral Tax treaty with Britain

So far therefore all the talk about what the infamous Wiki leaks documents may contain about Guyana maybe just that TALK so far.

Most of the earlier cables copied to the embassy and revealed by Wiki leaks deal with the subject of Terrorism. In one case the Americas Two Cable landing in French Guiana is mentioned under a program to safeguard America’s interest abroad to prevent, deter, neutralize or mitigate the effects of deliberate efforts by terrorists.

Other Cables deal particularly with Brazil and Venezuela relations and merely mention in passing that Guyana shares a border with the two South American countries.

On the fight against narcotics, the Georgetown Embassy was informed about the Bolivian President’s attitude toward the media there and how some of his ministers have been operating.

The Guyana Government and opposition parties have been waiting to see what Wiki leaks has to offer hopefully to make some political hay in this election year.

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