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GT&T Still holding out on a 40 percent Increase

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The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph company has been meeting with its workers over those union demands for increased salaries and benefits. Executives of the company held a closed door meeting with the workers on Wednesday and made it clear that the company was in no position to pay out that 40% increase that the union is demanding.
Workers are said to be standing by their union but are not prepared to take strike action at least not just yet.
The meeting became stormy at times, this newscast was told as the workers told management that they deserved far better salaries.

Company officials say while management may be open to some sort of an increase it will most likely not be that whopping 40% the union wants. Just last week the union accused the telephone company of not providing its fianancial statements to the union as they prepare for negotiations, it’s a charge the company has strongly denied saying that it has nothing to hide and has been reaching out to the union.

The union seems to be saying that for a multi billion dollar company enjoying the sort of returns it has been getting for the past years, it should show the money. GT&T has been pointing to many of its investments and the fact that while some areas have been raking in more, other areas in the company’s operations have not been fairing as well.  The talks are expected to continue.

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