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Customs Officers Raid Mocha Business

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Members of the police force and Customs enforcement swooped down on the business premises of a former army colonel aback of Mocha arcadia last night and up to news time, they were still maintaining a presence. At the scene police and customs officers refused to offer any comment but they were clearly keeping their eyes on a number of containers in the yard. Its not clear what they believe may be in the containers but workers nearby said they were clueless over the entire operation which began late Wednesday night.
The company Capitol News understands does drilling at interior locations for various mining companies and the mocha location is where it stores its drilling and other equipment for mining.
The fact that customs enforcement was at the scene indicate that customs may be of the view that there was something it missed when the containers were first brought into the country, one source said. It is highly unlikely for customs after clearing a container to visit its destination days later. It could also mean that the police called in for the assistance of customs. But the customs enforcement division is one that usually investigates allegations of fraud and tackles similar problem.
Capitol news understands that the owner of the business had his attorneys visiting the location and representatives of companies that the businessman conducted business with were also spotted at the location since many of them would have their own equipment stored at the mocha compound.
And there are also reports that the man’s house was visited last evening by several police officers who questioned his whereabouts. The man’s wife, a former army captain was the only one home at the time.

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