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Cocaine Passing Through

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Once again the unhindered movement of over nearly ten pounds of cocaine out of Guyana within the last 48 hours has airline and security officials scratching their heads as how the cocaine passes through the airport. But Guyanese officials are not the only ones puzzled.

In the latest case on a Caribbean airlines BW 424 flight, a sixty year old woman checked in two suitcases on Monday and traveled all the way home to her New York address before she discovered that somewhere along the route someone slipped the packets of cocaine into her luggage.

The woman called in the NYPD to report the presence of the foreign packets and the NY police informed both the US Customs at JFK and the authorities at CJIA. On both sides the matter is being treated seriously as one of collusion.

This morning the airline officials met with the security services at the airport to try to figure out how the cocaine passed. One senior airline official told Capitol News that it must have happened beyond the scanner at the Guyana airport or there a remote possibility that it may have been inserted at Piarco or even at JFK.

A Security Meeting yesterday involving the national law enforcement authorities including CANU also discussed how the woman was able to scan her bags with the scanner at the check-in counter then after that the bags were broached. The US law enforcement officials are treating the discovery of the cocaine as just that a discovery and are unlikely to bring charges against the passenger.

Capitol News understands that both Airline officials are concerned that this latest incident sends a wrong signal to the traveling public about the safety and security of their checked luggage.

There have been incidents of passengers claiming that drugs among other foreign objects were found in their luggage and one man who was later convicted of a terrorist plot in the US Russel Defrietas had staged a picket a few years outside an airline office in Georgetown complaining that his bags were broached.

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