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GT&T Loses Millions In Landline Services

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The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) – the only provider of landline services in this country, is now claiming that it is losing more than $50,000 per month on each landline service.

Making this disclosure at a recent press briefing, Chief Executive Director of the telephone Company Yog Mahadeo pointed out that while it will not be feasible to do away with this kind of service just yet, the company is currently looking at ways to minimize those losses.

In addition to this, Mahadeo pointed out that setting up landlines has always been a major challenge for the company. He said this is now being coupled with increased pressure to provide landline service to new housing areas in the country. GT&T currently has about 150,000 landline subscribers.

And taking a look at the company’s recently launched Fiber optic Cable which promised to see the revolutionizing of this country’s IT sector, Mahadeo admitted that the roll out of Emagine has been delayed somewhat but promised that this would be fully on stream by  mid year.

Last Year Guyana teamed up with neighboring Suriname to launch the Fibre Optic Cable which cost GT&T some $30M USD.

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