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Faith Shows Her 100 Day In Office Plan

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With just 2 weeks to go before delegates of the Peoples National Congress choose the party’s next presidential candidate, the nominees have started serious discussions with potential delegates about their vision and plan hoping to sway the votes in their direction.
Today the only woman in the race, Dr Faith Harding took her campaigning a step farther with the launching of a 100 day job plan. A 14 page detailed document about how a faith Harding government would tackle the problem of unemployment in Guyana.

The plan seems like a very ambitious one which was put together by the Workforce and Investment committee of the Faith Harding Campaign. She said the party she hopes to represent has been given a copy of the plan. Win or lose, it’s a plan she would like to see put in place and she made it clear that even if she does not get the nod to be presidential candidate, the PNC will enjoy her support as it has for decades.

She is confident of doing well at the party’s special congress. She believes the town hall meetings have been doing well for her and the other candidates. At today’s press conference too she spoke about the issue of race and the fact that all of the PNC nominees represent 1 ethnic group.

The PNC will host its special congress on the 26th of this month to choose a presidential candidate. 5 nominees are currently in the running for the position.

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