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Local Businesses To Seek New Opportunities In Brazil

Local businesses through the Private sector Commission are looking to successfully tap into the Brazilian market this year as it is believed that there are several new opportunities being presented there for them. According to Chairman of the Private Sector Ramesh Dookhoo the business climate in neighboring Brazil is favorable to local manufacturers.

This prospect Dookhoo said was further realized during a recent visit to Brazil by a local delegation consisting of members from the Private sector commission, the Georgetown chamber of Commerce and Go-invest.
He also disclosed that the Private sector now sees Lethem as a new economic frontier to Guyana and on this note called on businesses to take advantage of this.
During the delegation’s visit to Brazil a Memorandum of Understanding for bilateral cooperation was also signed with the President of Sebrea –a Brazilian non-profit business organization. According to the Private sector commission it will continue to exploit the opportunities given to it through this agreement along with that of the Takatu Bridge. Just last year a group of Brazilian investors visited Guyana and shared similar interests in the local market.

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