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Budget Wraps Up But Debates Rage On

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With the official budget debates over about what should have and what could have been in the budget, the debate will rage on in and out of parliament as expectations may have been higher. Opposition and PNC leader Robert Corbin in wrapping up his party’s contributions to the debates said at the end of the day all that’s contained in the budget will be judged on how the ordinary man benefits or how he is affected.

Corbin highlighted the problems faced by pensioners who will enjoy an increase in their pension payments from this month. They too he believes may have been cheated out of a good deal.

Over the past years, the Finance Ministry has been heavily criticized for not engaging other groups before the budget is presented. Consultations with unions and civil society appear like something of the past.

Finance Minister Ashni Singh in response didn’t seem too impressed with the budget debate arguments put forward by the opposition. The opposition from day one said they too were not impressed with the presentation of the budget itself. The 161 Billion dollar budget is the largest ever but one financial analyst said, that number does not really mean good news.

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