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Backer Wants More Action From Security Forces

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The security forces and allegations of corruption and excesses came into sharp focus during the budget debates. On Wednesday, PNC Member of Parliament with responsibility for security Deborah Backer said the forces must be brought in line and the government needs to deal with the problems and not be defensive. She pointed to cases of police harassment, brutality and bribery and called on the government to deal with the bad eggs in the force and not defend their actions or be defensive when criticized.

She spoke about the dismissal of the torture case recently for want of evidence saying something like that should not take place and it makes the entire country look bad. The case was thrown out after the torture victim and his mom failed to attend court to give evidence on over 15 occasions.

Backer said Guyana needs to ensure a proper security system is in place to deal with the many challenges. She raised concern about Guyana not putting together any proper plan to deal with the drug trade although a national drug strategy master plan is being finalized.

Guyana has been heavily criticized by the US in the past for not doing enough to tackle the drug trade. The security agencies however have been working close with the US on several cases. But the successes of those cases in the US has not been trickling down to success in Guyana in many instances. It’s about leadership, backer believes.

The debates wrap up on Friday.

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