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Jagdeo Says Guyana Asked To Arrest Suriname President And Refused

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Just days after a Dutch newspaper revealed wiki leaks documents that linked Surinamese President Desi Bouterse to jailed Guyana drug lord Shaheed Roger Khan, President Jagdeo has stated that he was asked by a foreign country to arrest Bouterse during his visit to Guyana, but he refused.

The President was at the time responding to a question posed by an officer of the Guyana Defence Force at the opening of the army officer conference.

The officer was specific in his question. He wanted to know whether Guyana’s relations with Suriname could change if it is found out that the revelations in the wiki leak documents are true concerning deals and contact between Desi Bouterse before he became president and Roger Khan, the Guyanese drug dealer who is serving time in a US jail. The Netherlands has an outstanding arrest warrant for the Surinamese president for gun running and drug trafficking.

President Jagdeo after explaining why he did not want to arrest Bouterse made it clear that if the people of Suriname could elect Bouterse as their leader who are Guyanese to determine who they should work with. He then went on to list several cases when he said Guyana turned to the US for help on the arrest of suspected criminals and that help was not forthcoming. Since becoming president of Guyana’s eastern neighbor Suriname, Desi Bouterse has made two official visits to Guyana in his effort to cement relations with the 2 states. Guyana was the first country he visited just weeks after taking over the reigns of government in Suriname.

Before all that the President told the army officers that he has no problem with the Wilkileaks revelations since he believes it could force a turnaround in how the US deals with diplomacy.

He explained to them that a lot of times deals and support are determined by what one person interprets.
President Jagdeo reminded the army officers that it is important for them to be fully aware of what was happening globally and regionally. His address covered several areas from Caricom which he said has lost its momentum to the upcoming local elections.

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