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Detention Of Children At Police Stations Worrying

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There continues to be a major problem in this country when it comes to the detention of juveniles. Already there are young teenaged boys suspected to be involved in criminal activities being thrown into the lock ups and jails with hardened criminals. NOW its happening to teenaged girls.

A woman who recently spent a night behind bars at the East Lapenitence women’s lock ups said she got the shock of her life when she saw the large number of teenage girls who are behind bars in the same lock ups, sharing space with women who are facing all types of serious charges.

What is even more disturbing as this newscast learnt is that many of the young girls are not being held for serious criminal offences. Some of them have been ordered to the new opportunity corp. for various in fractions from misbehaving to roaming the streets. But when the new opportunity corps is not able to take them in immediately, they are dumped into the east Lapenitence lock ups for weeks and in some cases for months or until they are taken in by the new opportunity corps.

There is the case of twin sisters who were ordered to the new opportunity corps. The 14 year old sisters would sell with their mother at various events across the country and after school. The human services ministry has been tracking their moves for years as they stayed away from school on some days to earn a living with their mom. They were eventually picked up, placed before the courts and ordered to the new opportunity corps. But they had to spend well over a month in the filthy lock ups at the Lapenitence lock ups with other inmates before they were taken.

The reason juveniles are being thrown into the lock ups is because there is no juvenile detention or holding facility. One has been built in Sophia but has never been opened. So in the meantime, your girls find themselves in a world with older women. A world behind bars and under the worst possible conditions.

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