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US Ambassador In Paramaribo Says Relations With Suriname Continue To Be Excellent

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The alleged Wikileaks documents that appear to link Roger Khan to now President of Suriname Desi Bouterse will have no effect on what the US ambassador to Paramaribo calls an excellent relationship between the two states.

The reports out of, one source, a newspaper in the Netherlands allege that there exists US Cables via Wikilieaks that indicated convicted Guyanese Drug Trafficker Shaheed Roger Khan had connections and was given protection by Desi Bouterse when Bouterse was an MP. The Netherlands convicted Bouterse in his absent of drug charges a few years ago but the people of Suriname elected him to run the country. Bouterse’s spokesman says that the reports from the Netherlands are intended to tarnish the image of the President of Suriname.

So far there has been no independent access to the documentation from Wikileaks that the Netherlands newspaper claims it has acquired but the reports have been copied and used by the electronic and print media in the Netherlands, Suriname, Guyana and parts of the Caribbean.

Capitol News understands that it is highly likely that US officials speculated during the reign of drug trafficker Roger Khan in Guyana that he was receiving material support from bordering countries and individuals there. As this newscast reported the heads of the Police crime departments of Suriname and Guyana along the DEA attaché in Trinidad and Tobago met in a South American Capital at the International Drug Eradication Conference and Khan was the subject of that discussion. Within months of that meeting Khan was named in the State Report on Narcotics as “known drug trafficker”.

Khan fled to Suriname where one of the persons at that South American meeting was waiting to capture him. Khan was then sent to Trinidad where the DEA agents nabbed him and sent him on a private plane to New York where he was arraigned.

It was revealed during the trial of Khan’s attorney, that the Guyanese Minister of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy signed a letter that authorized the purchase of cellular intercept equipment that was handed over to Khan to be used in hunting down criminals.

The Guyana Government has never confirmed that the letter came from the office of Dr. Leslie Ramsammy. Khan admitted he was guilty of Narcotics Trafficking and was sentenced to 15 years in jail in the US. He is expected to be released in eight years.

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