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PNC Presidental Candidate Nominees Take Their Campaign To Buxton

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The east coast community of Buxton remains a scared community. Its rich history has been overshadowed over the years with the high level of criminal activity taking place within these streets. But villagers are taking Buxton back and with help from the security forces, they have been able to rid the community of criminal elements. But many Buxtonians blame the security forces for the high level of violence that grabbed the community for over 2 years and they want justice. There have been several unexplained killings, phantom deaths and brutal murders in the community. They want answers.
On Sunday, the presidential candidate nominees for the People’s National Congress moved into the east coast village of Buxton with their town hall meetings and they promised that a PNC government will get to the bottom of the crime spree that gripped not just that village but the entire country and those found responsible will be held accountable.

Buxton is faced with grave economic circumstances. A high unemployment rate, and very little economic activity. Add that to youths dropping out of school and villagers want to know how the concerns of youths would be given attention by a PNC government under the presidency of any one of the nominees.

The nominees explained that they will put systems in place that will trigger development all along the east coast corridor and across Guyana. The town hall styled meetings across the country has been examining various issues of concern to residents of the communities that they are being hosted and other citizens alike.

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