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PPP Executive Member Takes On Jagdeo

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Executive member of the ruling Peoples Progressive Party Navin Chandarpal is taking on President Jagdeo over those bribery statements the president made recently when talking about why he does not believe in a secret ballot for the upcoming selection of a presidential candidate for the party.

In a letter to the Press, Chandarpal who once served as an advisor to the same President Jagdeo and a government minister, said the President’s statements is an insult to the large majority of the central committee of the PPP in terms of what would influence the way in which they would vote in order to choose a presidential candidate. Chandarpal in response to the president’s concerns said “To claim that a member of the Party’s CC would be influenced by a promise of a position in the future administration is a double tragedy of poor knowledge and poor logic.”
He added that it is a lack of knowledge, partly excusable by distance from the arena, of the heroic roles of many dynamic fighters who placed their lives on the line even when the only offer of a position was in the jail or in the cemetery.
He further stated that It is also an upturning of logic to suggest that someone would be influenced by the offer of a position to reject their own conviction if there is a secret ballot”
As the PPP gets ready to choose its presidential candidate with President Jagdeo barred from running again, party members are divided on the way the voting process should go for the selection of the candidate. As far as the president is concerned, a show of hands should be the voting style for the 35 members who will make the decision.

But one of the men seeking the position longtime party executive senior counsel Ralph Ramkarran is totally against it and continues to argue his case on Facebook, on his blog and in the letter columns of the daily newspapers.

Ramkarran is firmly of the view that secret ballot is the only way to go and points to previous elections in the party. While the PPP has never found itself voting for a presidential candidate since the previous ones were agreed upon and had no challengers, Ramkarran is quick to point out that for all other elected positions secret balloting was the process used. Now it appears as though he is picking up more support from senior party colleagues who all appear to have been insulted by the president’s statements that candidates could promise members positions in the next administration in exchange for their votes.
Today Navin Chandarpal also took offence at the President’s statements that those expressing concern may be looking at the match and complaining that they might not be able to pull it off and as such they may be suffering from what he called the Corbin Syndrome.
Chandarpal fired back today saying that those who seek to paint a picture that those who have valid concerns would find some other reason, are very much guilty of what he Chandarpal now calls the Burnham syndrome.
He said the president used the press conference recently as a forum for an attack on those whom the president considered to be supportive of a candidate other than his own preference. 

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