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Bond Asked To Step Aside….He Refuses

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And still in the world of politics, turning our attention now to the Peoples National Congress which continues its process to pick a presidential candidate. The town hall styled meetings with the presidential candidate nominees move into Georgetown on Friday afternoon at the St George’s High School. There the candidates will interface with the public and face questions on various issues of concern to not only PNC members but the general public.
But on the eve of the meeting there are reports that supporters of one of the candidates are pressuring another candidate to drop out of the race now. Supporters of former Finance Minister Carl Greenidge are pressing attorney James Bond to step aside and throw his support behind Greenidge.
James Bond who is a new comer to the local political scene and the Greenidge supporters are supposed to all be in the one group, a group that was supportive of a Winston Murray candidacy up until his death a few weeks back.
Murray’s passing forced the group to find an alternative candidate and Greenidge was consulted and tapped to receive the nomination. However, a nomination also turned up for James Bond who was very close to Murray and who saw Murray as his mentor. Bond said he could not have turned down the nomination because it would have sent the wrong message to the young members of the party who were supporting him. That decision apparently incensed other members of the group who began firing off emails URGING him to step down since they are concerned that he could take away votes that should be going to Greenidge.
Bond has decided not to budge and already has plans to continue on with his campaign across the country. Other Members of the group have since decided to come out in full support of Carl Greenidge and to that end they sent out a release endorsing him as their choice for the presidential candidate post. The only mention made of James Bond who remains a member of the group was that he too was nominated.
The group maintains that there is no disunity although some of its members have been fuming about the amount of coverage some sections of the press have been giving to James Bond as opposed to Carl Greenidge, the candidate of choice. One member even broke in down to the number of words and columns in a recent newspaper piece on the town hall meetings.
The other nominees in the race don’t seem too worried about the Support group problems and are moving ahead with their own campaigns. Even Carl Greenidge appears to be staying far from the confusion.

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