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Police Charged In Connection With The Torture Of Teen Freed After Lack Of Evidence

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The two police officers who were charged for wounding in connection with that tortured teen who’s private parts were badly burnt during an interrogation exercise walked out of court today free men after a magistrate was forced to dismiss the case for want of evidence. The young man who was badly beaten and burnt and his mother failed to turn up in court for a 17th straight time to provide evidence in the case. Other witnesses have also been staying away this news cast understands.
Under the circumstances and with no witnesses to give evidence and the victim absent, the magistrate dismissed the case. There have been reports that the young man and his mother were paid off to discontinue the matter. The two moved out of the area where they lived and have been spotted in outlying areas.

The torture of the teen sparked national outrage as a photograph of his burnt private parts made it to the front page of the Kaieteur News which broke the story. At the time the boy’s mother and other relatives cried out for justice with the woman saying her son who comes from a poor family did not deserve the type of treatment that was meted out to him. He was apparently soaked with mentholated spirits before being set alight. He was hospitalized for weeks just after the late 2009 incident.

The incident even resulted in a shake up of the police division where it took place and the government and the police force both openly condemned the action of the policemen involved in the torture of the teen who was questioned in connection with a murder case. There was never any evidence against him for that case.

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