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JFK Terror Plot Case Being Discussed In The Media In the US

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The conviction and life sentence of former Guyana Member of Parliament Abdul Kadir in that JFK terror plot case has now found itself being discussed as entrapment in some media quarters in the United States. The US government used an informant Stevie Francis, a convicted drug felon in the case, he was offered a lighter sentence for his conviction once he provided results for the US. Abdul Kadir’s attorney appeared on the US show Democracy Now just after his sentencing earlier this week to discuss the case and how the US went about with the investigations.

Kadir was sentenced to life in prison for his part in the terror plot although the US admitted that none of the men had the resources. It’s a case that his attorney is worried about.

Abdul Kadir and three other men were charged for conspiracy in the terror plot case. Kadir and one of the other men who opted for a trial were found guilty earlier this year. The other man Russell Defreitas is expected to be sentenced soon. The other Guyanese implicated and who took a 15 year sentence plea deal recently found out he has lung cancer. And the Trinidadian man who was also whisked out to the US is still to go on trial. He has been ailing for years.

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