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PNC Steps Up Search For Presidential Candidate

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Holiday shoppers may be coming out this week to begin their Christmas bargain hunting but over at congress place, headquarters of the PNC, the hunt is on for the party’s next presidential candidate. And the party seems very focused on getting the process completed by all the deadline dates.
Party groups from across the country and those from the Diaspora have started to send in their list of nominations. Multiple party sources have told Capitol News that from all appearances David Granger seems to be enjoying a wide majority of support. Sources say Granger is so far doing extremely well in the nominations coming in from the Berbice area, Linden and several Georgetown groups as well as some of the North American groups.

A party insider said if the other nomination lists show support going in a similar fashion then Granger could be declared the early front runner to get the party’s nod to become its presidential candidate.
PNC Vice Chairman Basil Williams also appear to be enjoying a lot of support but insiders say in most of the areas where Williams is picking up support, Granger is in front of him. Even the party group that Williams belongs to may not have given him the support he was expecting. Dr Faith Harding who is so far the only woman in the race is also picking up support from a number of groups. Dr Harding is expected in the New York area this week to reach out to the PNC groups there. David Granger has been doing just that for the past week meeting with several PNC members in the tri state area.
Dr Richard Van West Charles is also picking up some support. Former Finance Minister Carl Greenidge has also picked up some nomination support from a number of groups.
But all this is just the first step in the process to pick the presidential candidate. The process could run into early January and the party hopes by then it will be in a position to announce the candidate and begin the campaign process for the general elections.
Meanwhile with the nomination race heating up, some party members are now turning their attention on the possible running mates, the prime ministerial candidates. Several party members believe Member of Parliament Debra Backer should be that choice. Backer has not been saying much of late about her presidential ambitions or her ambitions as a running mate but party insiders believe she could prove to be a winning formula with whoever is finally chosen as the presidential candidate.

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