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Another Child Protection Officer Dismissed

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More problems continue to dog the child care and protection agency. Just last week the public service commission after conducting its own probe decided to dismiss one of the child protection officer who overlooked the Neesa Gopaul case. The move by the public service commission came less than 2 weeks after it called in a number of officials and officers from child protection services and the ministry of human services.
But the fired officer is standing her ground and believes she was wronged. She explained that she was only given the case after it was already reported to senior officers and she even attended meetings with the minister on the issue. During one of those meetings it was asked why the junior staff member was given the Neesa Gopaul case when senior officers were already on the matter. The fired officer explained that she was never told of the seriousness of the matter when given the case and had no idea that the child was being sexually abused.
Meanwhile other officers of the agency are now complaining about the conditions they are forced to work under, in a prepared statement seen by capitol news some of the officers say while they have no problem with the magnitude of work, they have serious issues with the lack of resources. The officers are also complaining that they have not been getting enough help from the top brass the ministry adding that senior officials have been throwing their concerns aside and insulting them in the process. They are very worried about the way their interests are being handled at the agency. Some of the officers say some officials would give the impression that they were all responsible for Neesa Gopaul’s murder. Neesa Gopaul was a former Queens College student who was found murdered after years of abuse and complaints about the abuse. Her mother and the mother’s boyfriend have both been charged for the murder.

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