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International Organization for Migration and Reintegration Not Monitoring Forced Remigrants

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An international organization that assists persons who were forced to leave the US and resettle in Guyana does not monitor who the persons are. In fact the International Organization for Migration is operating basically on a Don’t Ask, Don’t tell policy when it comes to what crimes the involuntary re-migrants may have been convicted of.

The issue arose after a professional who was convicted in the US as a sexual offender returned to Guyana and sought to practice here. He returned to Guyana voluntarily but that controversy stirred questions with regard to several others who were convicted of similar crimes and were successfully reintegrated.

Today speaking from his Washington Office an official of the IOM said the organization seeks to reintegrate everyone; trying to get them gainful employment, providing grants in some cases and assisting in the acquisition of proper documents. IOM is partially funded by US tax payers. The official told me that he was not equipped to answer questions on the policy of IOM with regard to sexual offenders as the organization does not know the criminal background of the individuals whom it is trying to re-integrate into the Guyanese society. Involuntary re-migrants aka deportees are asked by IOM about their needs rather than about their past.

Just last month a US newspaper in Florida raised concerns there that US taxpayers money was going toward funding convicted sex offenders, drug dealers and rapists. The newspaper article lamented that no background checks are made there before funding is doled out.

In terms of Guyana reintegration is done in a mainly seamless fashion without any background checks made about past crimes, violations or infractions for persons who have returned voluntarily and those deported. The International Organization for Migration and the local NGO Jucanta Juvant are concerned about getting the re-migrants fully absorbed into the society, rather than who they are or what they did.

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