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People Still Not Tahking HIV Serious

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Personal responsibility appears to be the watchwords when it comes to how best to deal with the spread of HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean region and especially in Guyana. Both the young and old are finding themselves becoming more involved in all types of risky sexual behavior and many times trust is thrown throughout the window.
Local HIV Activist Desiree Edghill believes people are just not paying attention to their behavior and many of them are not even respecting themselves.

Then there’s the bigger issue of responsibility by those who know that they are infected. There have been cases where persons who know that they are HIV positive would still have unprotected sex with multiple partners, some who may already be infected but others who may not be.

It’s an issue that has riled some leaders in society who believe that persons who are knowingly spreading HIV should be criminally held accountable for their actions. But that may be easier said than done.

HIV in the Caribbean remains an issue that regional groups continue to focus on. CARICOM intends to pay a whole lot more attention with the assistance of other international partners to reducing the spread of HIV in the region. CARICOM’s lead head on Health, Dr Denzil Douglas recently stated that the HIV epidemic lays wait to prey on those who feel socially isolated or marginalized. And he noted that in that regard, the epidemic is increasing among young women, sex workers, men who have sex with men, and drug users in the region.

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