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28 Year Woman Old Missing

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A mother from Timehri is pleading with the public this evening to offer any help possible as she continues a search for her 28 year old daughter. The mother Champa Seonarine said she last saw her daughter on Diwali eve when she left home for her job as an accounts clerk at a Georgetown based company.
28 year old Babita Sarjou has not been seen or heard from ever since and her mother said she wants answers. Babita and her husband have been going through a bitter separation and court fight over custody of the couple’s young son. The last thing Babita Sarjou told her mom was that after work she would be going to the Diwali motorcade. 2 and a half weeks later, its all now a mystery.

The mother believes that he daughter is alive and someone may be holding her against her will. She has produced fliers like this one and has been handing them out across the city.
The mother said the young woman has no reason to runaway. Co workers are just as worried since they too have not heard from the young woman since that last day at work. The mother said she is still clinging to hope.

Ms Seonarine does not believe police investigators have been doing enough either and she strongly believes that her daughter’s ex husband may know something about the young woman’s whereabouts. She offers an emotional plea.

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