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Teenage Boy Still In Police Custody 2 Years After Fineman Gang’s Demise

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It’s been 2 and a half years since the Rondell Fineman Rawlins criminal Gang was destroyed and all of its known members including gang leader “Fineman” Rawlins killed. But yet within the walls of a police station a young teenaged boy remains in custody.

He has been in custody since July of 2008, that’s 2 and half years. Charges have never been filed against him and he has never been given a hearing in any court. Over the past 2 and a half years he has been moved around to various police stations and held in the lock ups.

He was picked up along a dusty trail not too far from Kwakwani when the police were hot on the heels of the wanted men, Fineman and company. It is believed that he is an orphan who Fineman was taking care of.

At first it was believed that he was a young member of the gang who may have played no major role if any at all in any of the operations of the criminal gang. It has never been revealed why the police have held on to him and have kept him in their custody for so long. But today Police Commissioner Henry Greene without directly speaking of the same young man noted that there are persons who remain in what he called police protection and not custody.

The Commissioner would not go into any detail regarding the teenager who has been in custody for the past 2 and half years and if it is that he is being treated as a witness under protection, it remains unclear what case he may be serving as a witness for. The known members of the Fineman gang are dead.

The young man’s name is not known but some political leaders and human rights activist have been briefed on his situation and are expressing concern.

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