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Case Of the Missing Medal

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International and award winning artist Guyanese Jorge Bowen Forbes is finding out that being a good Samaritan is not as easy as painting a picture with the colors of love as Billy Ocean encouraged.

Forbes who re-migrated a year ago after spending over 40 years in the US and England is in search of a woman this evening but not to use as a prop for one of his paintings. This is no fairy tale and no love story, at least not in his mind since He declares that the woman he is looking for is a thief. But she did not steal one of his paintings, he said she stole something even more valuable.

According to the artist who recently hosted an exhibition at the national gallery, one of his prized gold medals that was presented to him while in the US went missing after he offered the woman a place to sleep at his home and studio. He said he slept in the bedroom, she was given the couch.

He has not heard from her or seen her since and the pure gold medal, which resembles this silver one, has vanished with her. He is livid.

Jorge Forbes makes it clear that the woman was just an acquaintance, he doesn’t even know her name but he cannot forget what she looks like.

Even as he strolls around his studio, admiring his fine collection and the rich history behind his paintings, he cant but hope that his gold medal will be found somewhere. He wants the pawn shops and jewelers to be on the look out for him.

Memories may be all that Jorge Bowen Forbes may have right now of his prized Gold medal that made up part of his award winnings. He is hoping that somehow, the woman he met became friends with and offered a place to sleep in her time of need, remembers his good deed.

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