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Murray Family Still To Decide Whether To Pull The Plug

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Nothing has changed in Winston Murray’s condition. That’s according to one of the doctors monitoring him in the intensive care unit of the Georgetown hospital. Mr. Murray has been on life support for the past 5 days since collapsing on his way home after an afternoon in the national assembly.

The Murray family is still to make a decision as to whether he should be removed from the life support system. Today his wife, Mrs. Marva Murray told capitol news that she will decide on his life support system once the couple’s adopted daughter arrives in the country later this week.
She explained that she has been holding up well under the circumstances as the family prepares for what could be the inevitable. Family members and friends along with PNC supporters have been visiting Murray in his unconscious state at the Georgetown hospital.

Today PNC Chief Whip in the National Assembly Lance Carberry remembered speaking to Murray hours before his collapse as he asked to be allowed to make a contribution towards the debate on the mining fund. Carberry said Murray is the best debater in the national assembly without a doubt and he proved that as he highlighted various issues regarding the fund and challenged the government side for what now appears to have been his last stand.

The PNC’s former Chairman was busy over the past couple of weeks getting his campaign on the road in his quest to be the party’s presidential candidate. He seemed confident of doing well at the selection process.

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