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Three Thousand Rounds Of Ammunition Missing From Presidential Guard Storage

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There are reports this evening that the Guyana Defense Force has been called in by the Office of the President to conduct a full inventory of the ammunition issued to the Presidential Guard service. Capitol News understands that a probe may be underway after close to 3,000 rounds of ammunition were discovered missing from storage at the Presidential Guard.

Sources say it could be a whole lot more. According to reports, the man responsible for training and by extension storage of the ammunition and firearms for the Presidential Guard service is claiming that the ammunition may not really be missing but may have been used up on the training range. Accountability may be the problem as far as he is concerned. Two presidential Guards were asked to sign letters stating that they had used up a significant portion of the ammo during training exercises.
But the office of the President may not be buying that story completely. Our sources said Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon was briefed on the matter and he may have briefed the President who reportedly decided that the army should come in and carry out an inventory to see just how many rounds of ammunition cannot be accounted for.

Contacted today Head of the Presidential Guard Service Rohan Singh denied knowledge of any probe underway and also denied that ammunition may be missing. He would offer no other comment.

The Presidential Guard Service is responsible for Protection of the President and the Prime Minister. Though the unit falls under the Guyana Police Force, over the years it has become more independent of the police force with the commissioner of police having very little input in how the unit carries out its work although all members of the President Guard are sworn policemen.

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