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Prisoner Shot After Trying To Escape Camp Street Prison

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A prisoner was shot to the leg this afternoon just outside the Camp Street Jail is a failed bid to escape. An innocent passer was also shot to his leg as efforts were being made to stop the prisoner.

The prisoner dashed from the prison van just as it returned to the camp street jail with persons who were remanded and those sent back to prison. This is not the first time that a remanded prisoner has tried to escape.

Meanwhile still at the camp street jail, there is concern once again about prisoners known to be of an unsound mind and mentally ill being housed with the general population of the prison. Just recently the man who was charged for the chopping death of two persons in Charlestown was remanded to the Camp Street Jail.

It remains unclear what mental evaluation was done on the man if any at all. In the past prisoners who were known to be mentally unstable have turned up dead in the camp street jail, murdered.

Their deaths followed on the heels of repeated complaints by prisoners about the men being involved in fights and other violent events in the jail house. Former Prisoners have complained bitterly about what goes on within the prison walls saying that the administration needs to recognize that the majority of persons housed at Camp Street are not convicted prisoners but rather remand prisoners and as such their innocence is still in place.

The overcrowded camp street jail has a population of over 1000 prisoners and close to 70% of that number represents persons who have been remanded and are awaiting their trials. Lawyers and human rights activists have complained severely about this country’s prison system and the strain it puts on the prison officers who decide to hold on to their jobs.

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