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Fee Now Being Attached To Dumping Garbage At Mandela Dumpsite

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In an effort by the Mayor and City Council to raise funds for the cash strapped council, a fee is now being attached to dumping garbage at the Mandela Dumpsite. The fee starts from as low as five hundred dollars and increases depending on the amount of garbage one wishes to dispose of. Members of the army and police force along with dray cart operators are an exception to this new rule and will be allowed to dump for free.
The site which currently stands over thirty feet has reached and gone over the proposed limit that the Mayor and City council was hoping to stop use of the facility at. Uses of the Mandela facility were to have been abandoned since August last, when the new Haags Baush facility on the East Bank was scheduled to be open. However, due to several complications, the facility is now scheduled to be opened in January of next year.
Meanwhile, residents in the areas surrounding the dumpsite, especially in Princess Street Lodge, are complaining that the scent of the garbage heap is unbearable. Residents are hoping that the facility can be closed soon since there has been an increase in mosquitoes and flies in the area.
For years there have been efforts to close down the operations at the Mandela Avenue Dump Site.

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