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AFC Chooses Khemraj Ramjattan To Be Prestdential Candidate

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While the two major parties the PPP and the PNC are still to make a final decision on their own presidential Candidates, the Alliance For Change has jumped ahead in that race, choosing party co-founder and Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan to be the Presidential Candidate this time around. Party members made the decision at Sunday’s Special National Convention.

Party Leader Raphael Trotman who was the Presidential Candidate at the last elections endorsed Ramjattan from the onset but Ramjattan surprised many party members with his decision to decline the Prime Ministerial Candidate position citing personal reasons and giving that position over to Sheila Holder, another party executive member and member of parliament. Trotman remains leader of the AFC.

Chairman and Presidential Candidate Khemraj Ramjattan seem prepared for the road ahead of him and is confident of the party doing well at the polls.

But the AFC seems very divided on the issue of coalition and that division may come from the very top of the party. The party has stated that it will not join forces with either of the main parties but is open to working together with persons from the same two parties.

When the AFC was formed in the run up to the 2006 elections, it was touted as the real party of change in Guyana. It grabbed 5 seats at the elections. Political watchers believe the AFC should have considered being a part of a broad opposition coalition to challenge the ruling party at the next elections. Some AFC members are still open to that idea.

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