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The Child Protection Agency Employees Not Pleased With Investigation Report

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Already some employees of the same child care and protection agency are up in arms over the report and the way the entire investigation was carried out. A source at the agency said the handpicked group of investigators operated as if they had already formed a conclusion from the very start.
One officer attached to the agency today told Capitol News that it was expected that low level employees would have been made to pay for the mistakes of those at the very top of the agency. The officer told capitol news weeks ago that it was bickering at the very top of the agency between two senior officials that was really responsible for the girl’s case not given the attention it should have received.

The officer said everyone should have been investigated for the role they played in the Neesa Gopaul saga but rather, it appeared as though the investigators only focused their attention on those officers at the bottom who had no choice but to work with the decisions made by those at the top. Another source at the agency the head of the child care and protection agency ought to take some blame for entire saga involving Neesa Gopaul since she was very much involved in the case and had direct meetings with the child’s mother and stepfather, both who are facing the court for her murder.

Capitol News understands that while one senior official removed the teenager from the care of her mother, the other official decided to quash that decision and sent the child back home. When the grandfather got involved, the man claimed he was almost chased out of the agency’s office. It was just two months after the child was sent back to her mother’s home that she was found dead in a suitcase dumped in a creek along the Linden Soesdyke Highway.

The murder case resulted in national outrage and an embarrassed Priya Manickchand who always defended the work of the child care agency was forced to launch an investigation into its work. The investigation one officer said should have had a much wider focus since officers are sometimes forced to take on way too many cases because of under staffing. The agency has just 6 field officers who would have to overlook and follow up on close to 3000 cases, many of those cases remain active ones.

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