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Special Attention Being Paid To Education In Amerindian Communities

The lack of access to secondary education within Amerindian communities will be getting special attention by the administration. Denied access to this level of education is a result of the general gap in development between communities on the coast and Amerindian communities in the hinterland.
According to President Bharat Jagdeo, since his administration took office, some ninety five percent of Amerindian children are accessing secondary education. He said that it is estimated that there are seventy Amerindian students studying overseas.

The president said that funds will be used from the money obtained from Norway to purchase computers for each Amerindian village and internet access will also be provided so that children as well as adults may be exposed to the computer.

Head of the National Toshaos Council, Toshao Yvonne Pearson said that she is very grateful for the assistance that Amerindians have received over the years.

According to Toshao Pearson, she is hoping that the national Toshao meeting that is currently in progress at the international conference centre will benefit the Amerindian people greatly. She said that apart from the discussions that will be engaged in, she is hoping that major recommendations will come forth so as to better the lives of the Amerindian people across Guyana.

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