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Faith Harding Running For PNC Presidential Candidate

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Central executive member of the People’s National Congress Dr Faith Harding believes that as Guyana heads into the next elections, members will be focused on the big picture, one which she describes as the prize of a Guyana that will beat all odds and top the charts of nations as the fastest growing nation in the world in the production of goods and services, education performance, athletic achievement, improved standards of health, family life values, food and national security. That’s her dream for Guyana as she enters the race to become the presidential candidate of the PNC for the next elections.

Last evening in a statement to Capitol News, Dr Harding, a former Government minister under Desmond Hoyte indicated her interest in becoming the PNC Presidential Candidate.

The 63 year old child psychologist believes her work with the UN and other international agencies including the World Bank to support and set up governments in some of the danger zones across the globe, is a strong point that could work in the Guyana context. A Faith Harding Government would see a Guyana unfolding its beauty and resources. She said one that opens up to womanhood at the helm, that has brought the people of the nation together with raised revenues under to enable electricity for every home, nook and cranny, to power the development of its resources from its bowels, its mountain tops, its rivers, its valleys, its pristine forests, its coastland.

Her vision for Guyana includes seeing a peaceful people all achieving as they desire and as the country needs to fulfill their potential. She told capitol news that Roads and bridges will link all of Guyana so that there is ease of egress and ingress to remote areas where the rich resources of our nation lie and where we can ensure our national security under her leadership

she believes that under a PNC government Guyana will again take the lead in the region in rapid economic and social growth and development and she added that this country will again be a leading figure for developing nations in the United Nations and overall restoring our foreign policy credentials.

Foremost in her plans will be ensuring Guyanese escapes from the poverty and the crime that now pervades our country.

She told Capitol News that her professional training to the doctoral level has afforded her the opportunity to understand fully human development, the way people’s minds work adding that she holds expert knowledge on motivating people to perform and achieve.

She said she has acquired much experience at bilateral negotiations, bringing discordant factions to the table and negotiating win-win situations. On the individual level she said she has helped numerous families heal rifts and brought greater understanding.
Dr Harding said she has walked Guyana, in the gulley, the valleys, the mountains, the hills to bring help, solace, care, love, hugs and education to the people of the country and thats the experience she wants to take to government.

The announcement by Dr Harding seems to have struck a chord with female supporters of the party, already groups are being formed on Facebook and the other social networks, all in support of her.

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