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Police Investigators Puzzled By Linden Girl’s Abduction Story

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Police investigators in Linden are trying to figure out if the story of a teenaged girl who claims that she was abducted really ads up. The young woman who was reported missing on Saturday night was found Sunday night at the corner of a dusty road in the Wisroc area in the town. Her discovery brought an end to frantic searches by the Guyana Police force, policing groups and citizens of the town.

Information first surfaced early yesterday morning in the town that three young women were kidnapped but by midday it was realized that only one young girl was really missing. Still scores of Lindeners came out in support of the police who called for back up from the city.

By late Sunday afternoon it was realized that several pieces of the abduction story were just not adding up. The young woman who was missing was in regular contact with relatives via her cellphone, making calls and sending text messages giving a description of the place where she said she was being held against her will. Whenever a new lead was received, a dead end turned up, leaving law enforcement officials confused and puzzled.

Distraught family members seemed not to know their next move and prayed for her safe return. Just after 6 last evening, relatives received a text message from the young woman stating that she would be released in an hour. Exactly one hour later, she contacted family members again, telling them that she has been released and leading them to her location. She seemed dazed according to eyewitnesses, when she was found and she was taken to the Mackenzie Hospital where she was admitted for observation.

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