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Another Candidate In The Race For The PNC Presidential Candidate

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The main opposition PNC Reform is still to finalize the process under which its presidential candidate will be chosen but you can add one other person to that race. PNC Central Executive member and former government minister under the Desmond Hoyte Government Dr. Faith Harding has indicated that she is interested in leading the party into the next general elections making her the only woman to set her sights on the Presidential Candidate position. Capitol News understands that a group of party members based locally and overseas intend to push Dr

Harding as their choice for the position. Today Dr Harding said she is interested in the position.
The People’s National Congress wrapped up its General Council meeting on Saturday still to fully agree on the framework that will be put in place for the selection of the party’s Presidential Candidate. Although the proposed process has been hailed by many in the party, the PNC will use this week to meet with other party members and take their views and concerns on board before putting the process in place and making it work for the party.

Saturday’s meeting was attended by the Presidential Candidate hopefuls and they were all allowed to address the congress. Also at the meeting party leader, Robert Corbin called for great civility in how party members go about their business in picking a new candidate. He told the gathering that they must be respectful of the views of others and understand too that whoever is chosen as the candidate will have to enjoy the full support of the party’s membership.
Capitol News understands that the PNC’s selection process will mirror that of a US primary elections with party representatives from across the country voting on the nominations before the party’s special congress which will have the final say on who will lead the party into the elections.

This will be the first time that the party leader will NOT be leading the party into General elections. Mr. Corbin indicated months ago that he was not interested in being the Presidential candidate and will offer his full support to whoever is chosen for that position.

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