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Speaker Of The National Assembly Ralph Ramkarran For PPP Presidential Candidate

Walk into the law office of Speaker of the National Assembly Ralph Ramkarran and immediately you feel as if you have taken a wrong turn to a library. But this is where the senior counsel sits and studies and map out his plans to become the Presidential Candidate for the PPP. After serving in the national assembly as speaker for the house for 9 years, Ramkarran has his eyes set on another prize, the office of the president. He believes if chosen as the Presidential Candidate he could win the elections for the PPP and as President he would bring a different style to the office.

But it may not be as easy as it seems. Ramkarran is up against three other party comrades in his quest to be the presidential candidate, though he would not say what his edge maybe, if one does exist, he is quick to point out that it doesn’t matter that he has never served as a member of the cabinet although the party he is looking to lead into the elections has been in government for the past 18 years.

There are several issues that Senior Counsel Ramkarran believes ought to be given much attention. As a senior lawyer, know that crime is one of the issues he believes should be tackled, but there are other issues that he wants to look at.

As for the voting pattern in this country and the fact that the two major parties find themselves having supporters who vote along ethnic lines, it’s an issue that he believes will not disappear that easy.

The ruling party believes whoever is chosen as its presidential candidate will lead the party to its 5th straight victory. For Ralph Ramkarran he believes his prospects of being the presidential candidate are bright.

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