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Mother Of 16 Year Old Nessa Gopaul Makes 2nd Court Appearance

In the Georgetown magistrates court today, the mother of the 16 year old school girl who was murdered, and the mother’s boyfriend made their 2nd court appearance on the murder charges that they are facing. The two hurried in and out of the courtroom as relatives friends and curious onlookers kept a trained eye on them. The young woman Neesa Gopaul was murdered and her body stashed in a suitcase and dumped in a creek along the Linden Soesdyke Highway. The teenager’s gruesome murder triggered a national cry for justice and the human services ministry launched an investigation into the operations of its child Care and Protection Services where the young woman had sought help from a life of abuse.

Today the child’s grandfather fired off at the head of that agency. Just two months before her death, young Neesa Gopaul was sent back to her mother’s home by one senior official at the agency just weeks after another senior official had removed her out of the abusive home.

The man believed that his granddaughter’s life could have been saved had officials at the agency done their work and kept on top of her complaints.

Bickering at the very top of the child care and protection agency between senior officials may have been responsible for the many problems and errors that led to the case of 16 year old Neesa Gopaul not receiving the best attention. Capitol News understands that the unit was in receipt of 3 reports about the young woman and the abusive situation she found herself in at her home. The reports were taken by 3 different officers and initially a recommendation was made by one senior official to have the child removed from the abusive home and placed in the care of her grandfather.

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