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PNC Still Wants Alliance

The main opposition party, the PNC Reform is still meeting with other political groups hoping to head into the next elections with a broad opposition alliance which it hopes will be able to put the PPP out of power. The PNC is Guyana’s 2nd oldest and 2nd largest party and commands a large support base. But even as the party talks with the interested groups, it is still moving ahead with its search for a presidential candidate.

Former Party Chairman Winston Murray, current Vice Chairman Basil Williams and former GDF Commander retired Brigadier David Granger have all indicated their interest in the presidential position spot. All three men appear to share the same view that there is the need for coalition talks and shared governance. Whoever becomes the party’s Presidential candidate will have to get the support of the other groups that will make up the alliance.

General elections are expected in Guyana before august of 2011. Over 20 political parties, many of them unpopular have indicated their own interest in contesting the polls. The parties are expected to rally their support groups. When elections were last held back in 2006 there was a huge drop in voter turn out when compared to the previous elections.

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