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Tortured Teen Disappears After Reports of Payout

In the case of the 15 year old young man who was badly beaten and burnt by two policemen a few months back, it appears as though the case against the policemen could be in jeopardy now that the young man and his mother have apparently gone into hiding after reportedly accepting a payout.

Reports indicate that the boy and his mother were offered a substantial sum of money, somewhere in the 6 figures, to drop the case and not provide any evidence during the court hearing.

Even the boy’s attorney Khemraj Ramjattan is unaware of the family’s whereabouts. Neighbors say the two moved out of their West Coast home a few months back and have not been seen or heard from since. Relatives tell a similar story.

There are reports that the boy and his mother may have moved to an interior location but that is still to be confirmed and police investigators are working on all leads to locate the teenager after a warrant was issued for his arrest. The warrant was issued because the young man failed to attend court on a number of occasions to provide evidence in the case.

The tragic story of the young boy’s genitals being burnt captured international attention and a number of human rights groups locally and internationally called for a full investigation into the torture case.

The case was even brought up before a UN Human Rights meeting recently. The young man was taken into police custody during investigations into the murder of a man who lived in the same area. He was held in custody and it was during that time that he was badly burnt.

The young man in interviews after the incident told horrid tales of how he was treated by the police even after the burning incident. He was only provided with medical attention after the Kaieteur News broke the story and published this photograph of the injuries. He spent a number of weeks in the hospital.

Two other persons who were also beaten by the police around the same time have apparently moved on with their lives also and are believed to now be out of the country.

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