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Guyanese busted in US drug trafficking sting operation

A Georgetown Barber and former National Footballer Ronel Terrence Hernandez aka “Buck” or “Buckman” will appear in a New York court again on Friday. The man has been in custody for one month now in the Brooklyn Detention Center.


According to court documents and prison records obtained by Capitol News, the 39 year old Hernandez who operates a clothing store in Georgetown but is based in New York was held with two other Guyanese when the Feds did a sweep in NY.  The three men were arrested and are in custody in connection with narcotics transactions that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) had been monitoring for three years with the help of Guyanese cooperating witnesses both in Guyana and in the United States.


In the specific incident involving Hernandez, the Federal Agents rounded up 44 year old David Michael Norton also known as “Roger” and 35 year old Ulric Gavin Anderson also “Dred” along with Hernandez after the cooperating witness identified them as being involved with the supply of cocaine in the New York area. In April this year, DEA agents conducted surveillance of a meeting between the New York cooperating witness and Roger about a drug sale. Roger did not have drugs at the time. The cocaine has been coming out of Guyana.


However on Thursday September 9th, the Witness again asked for cocaine and Roger said he would get in touch with his supplier and would get back to him in a few days. By the following Monday Roger got back to the witness and said he had two kilos available for 32 thousand US dollars per kilo. They agreed to purchase the cocaine the next day. All these discussions were recorded by the Feds.


On Tuesday September 14, a meeting was arranged in Brooklyn for the delivery to take place. At that meeting Roger turned up with Buck. The Witness mentioned in the court papers that Buck had been present at past narcotics deals. Dred also arrived in a separate vehicle. Norton aka Roger, Hernandez aka Buck and the witness were in another vehicle. Hernandez went to the Dred’s vehicle, opened the trunk and took out a black nylon bag. He placed this bag in the other vehicle, opened it, took out a scale and a Ziploc bag containing cocaine and began weighing the cocaine. They were all then arrested by the agents who were monitoring the vehicles.


Norton allegedly told the agents he did seven past transactions with the Cooperating Witness while Hernandez said that that the Dred agreed to pay him $1000 US to transport the drugs.


This newscast has learnt that several other Guyanese are under surveillance and more charges are to follow shortly. The local police are aware of the charges involving the three but it is unclear whether an investigation has started in connection with the supply side of the drugs.   


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