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Elections 2011: Crime and Security Are Major Concerns For Voters


With elections billed for 2011, issues of importance to the voters are already finding themselves on the front burner for the political parties which will be contesting the polls. The Crime Situation in the country is an issue that continues to be high on the agenda of political groups as they all try to figure ways to best address the problem.

Already this year has seen over 90 murders and even more gun crimes. There have been brutal execution killings and other murders and very few of the cases would make it into the solved case file.

The crime situation in Guyana and which political party stands best to deal with the problem could prove to be a game changer in the elections. General Secretary of the PPP Donald Ramotar who is a possible presidential candidate, told Capitol News that the PPP has been making efforts to combat crime and violence, the security forces he said has been given resources.

But Ramotar is concerned about the many unsolved crimes and is worried about the impact the drug trade is having.

Over on the PNC’s side, David Granger who would like to be that party’s presidential candidate has also been speaking out about the dangers of the drug trade and what he would do to tackle that problem should he lead the PNC to victory and become the President.

Over the years, the government has been adding significant resources to the police force but there are still problems. The police force is understaffed and it appears as though it is still facing a difficulty in attracting the required number of new recruits. The force has been dogged with several high profile criminal activities and murders. Currently government is moving to set up a special intelligence unit as well as a new forensic lab, hoping that together the two new agencies will be able to tackle what could be an out of control criminal enterprise.

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