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Mayor And City Council Granting Amnesty On Interest On Property Taxes

Despite its many problems, the biggest being lack of funds, the Mayor and City Council has decided to remove all interest on property taxes. According to the public relations officer of the council, Royston King, this move was decided on at the council’s last statutory meeting.

The facility which will commence from the fifteenth of this month will end on the 13th November, 2010 and will hopefully see delinquent tax payers honoring their obligations.

According to king, the council sees this move as a win-win situation for tax payers and the mayor and city council since persons will no longer have the burdens of interest for the stipulated period of time.

He said that the council is currently owed over four hundred million dollars for outstanding taxes; a percentage of this amount is interest. He said that the amount or the percentage that the interest makes up of this sum is still unknown.

The mayor and city council has experienced a number of problems over the past few months including the nonpayment of taxes by private and public individuals, the striking of garbage contractors and City Hall workers for nonpayment of salaries.

King said that this is a final move on the part of the Mayor and City Council to generate funds since the council is desperately in need of money especially to honor its many obligations.

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