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Winston Murray Still In Race For PNC Presidential Candidate


Former PNC Chairman Winston Murray is still in it and is hoping to win it. The former Trade Minister under Desmond Hoyte today told Capitol News that his offer to be the party’s presidential candidate for the upcoming elections is still on the table. Nothing has changed he said, and I have not taken back that offer, Murray added.

He however said it appears as though he has been over taken by the other two gentlemen who have announced their interest in the presidential candidate position but noted that he is not about to step out of the race and will continue. Some party supporters just last week questioned whether Murray was in the lineup since he has been very quiet of late.

Capitol News understands that Murray has been meeting quietly with many of the party supporters who want to rally around him for the position. Among them are a number of senior party members and members of parliament who maintain that Murray is the best choice right now to lead the party into the polls.

With Murray confirming today that he is still interested in the top post, that announcement paves the way for a Granger/Williams/Murray showdown when party members meet to decide who will be the Presidential Candidate.

There are reports that a number of other senior party members are paying attention to the candidates who have put themselves up so far and may have already started their work on the ground to mobilize support. Some other persons who had an interest in the presidential candidate spot have reportedly decided to step back and allow the bigwigs to do battle.
David Granger a former army commander has been meeting with some party insiders and supporters about his chances and the nomination.

Party Vice Chairman Basil Williams believes he is the popular one in the race and will be able to let his popularity work for him. Murray who has served in several key positions when the PNC was in government and served as party chairman for a number of years believes he has the experience to do the job. The PNC is expected to begin the process to choose its presidential candidate later this month.

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