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Wanted Bulletins Issued For Men In Connection To Recent Execution Style Killings


A number of the men that the Police Force issued wanted bulletins for last evening have turned themselves in and one of the men was held at a police roadblock for a traffic offence and was handed over to CID headquarters. The Police Force intends to question the men about the 3 recent drive by shooting incidents in the city which left 8 persons dead.

Businessmen Bramadand Nandalall, Clayton Hudson, Dennis Edwards and Ricardo Rodriguez as well as Lloyd Roberts are all in police custody. Nandalall, Rodrigues and Roberts turned themselves in while Hudson was picked up at a police roadblock along the Linden Soesdyke Highway as he was making efforts to turn himself in also.

And today the Guyana Police Force issued wanted bulletins for 3 other men as it continues its investigations into the execution type killings. Wanted bulletins were today issued for Salim Azeez, Paul Daby and Peter Daby. The men were all expected to turn themselves in by this evening.

And capitol news understands that wanted bulletins will be issued later this evening for 3 other men, all businessmen who may have known those who died.

A senior Law enforcement official said he found it strange that the police issued wanted bulletins for the 13 men when they are all known to the Police Force and their whereabouts are known to the police also. He said it will be interesting to see what comes out of the arrests.

Police sources say all the men that the wanted bulletins were issued for had connections with or were friends with the men who were gunned down in the 3 separate drive by incidents over the past month.

Ironically in the TV death announcement of Mark Caesar who was shot and killed outside a bond last Friday, most of the men who bulletins were issued for are listed as his friends. Police investigators have not been saying much about their probe of the 3 drive by shootings.

When the 5 persons including a 4 year old child were shot and killed in a car at Cummings Lodge, Police Commissioner Henry Greene said the force was in receipt of information that the hit may have been a result of drug deal gone bad. He made referenced to cocaine being brought from Venezuela and the majority of the illegal substance going missing. He made it clear that the force was looking into all other possibilities.

Just 3 weeks after that shooting Mark Caesar was shot dead in Charlestown and earlier this week two other men Godgrey Gootfam and Patrick Goodluck were killed in the Campbelville area in the same way that Caesar and the 5 persons at Cummings Lodge were killed. The police has since linked the weapons used at the Cambellville shooting to those used at the Charlestown gunning down of Caesar. The weapons have not been linked to any other crime scene. And the weapons used at Cummings lodge have also not been linked to any other crime scene.

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