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City Council Still Complaining About Taxes Not Being Paid


The partnership between the private sector commission, the Georgetown chamber of commerce and the mayor and city council to target delinquent tax payers from the private sector, has been put on pause. This came as a result of the mayor and city council not producing the promised list of private delinquent tax payers to the private sector commission. The mayor said he was hoping to have it delivered by the end of today.

The start of the partnership was some time ago announced at a press conference held at city hall. The private sector had then pledged its support to have outstanding tax payers within the private sector honor their obligations.

Meanwhile city hall is still trying to meet its many obligations especially the paying of council workers and garbage contractors. The mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Greene said that the council is hoping to pay contractors sometime this week; however, this is not definite.
Greene said that while payment of taxes are coming in slowly, the council is still not seeing the large tax payers honoring their obligations especially, the biggest tax payer, the Government.

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