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PNC Presidential Candidacy Could Come Down To Williams And Granger

In the world of politics, we return to the race in the people’s national congress for that party’s presidential candidate. Just two persons have indicated their interest in the position and have already started to mobilize support. First it was former army commander Brigadier David Granger and now it’s Vice Chairman of the party Basil Williams.

Staying quiet in all this is former Party Chairman Winston Murray who failed in his bid to become party leader at the last congress. Though Murray has not indicated an interest in the Presidential Candidate position just yet, his supporters have been reaching out to other party members and they believe that Murray should be the one to lead the party into the next elections.

A PNC member of parliament told capitol news that he is behind Murray all the way and believes there is no other alternative. But if Murray decides to stay out of the race then it could be a Williams/Granger showdown. The attorney at law basil Williams is already looking at that possibility and believes his popularity in the party could work for him. He intends to galvanize the party’s young supporters hoping to pull them in his corner. But many senior members of the party’s youth arm have already indicated that they are going to be in Granger’s corner. Williams told Capitol News that he is confident of getting the nod.

Now if he gets the nod, he believes that the party will rally around him and the issues he will take to the national debate. He intends to focus heavily on the standard of living in this country, pointing out that Guyanese ought to get a better deal. For the PNC he believes whoever becomes the presidential candidate will have to address the issue of party unity.

PNC Reform Leader Robert Corbin has indicated that he will not run as the Party’s presidential candidate. Just last week the party’s general secretary said the PNC will close ranks and support whoever the party decides is best to lead it into the next elections.

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