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Recent Killings Potentially Linked to Conflict in Drug Underworld


Police Investigators are concerned this evening that there may be a new band of hit men that are able to target their victims, execute and leave without a trace. Monday evening just before 8 heavy gunfire shattered the evening quiet in the Kitty area as two men were brutally executed in a car as they drove in the Stone Avenue area. Last night’s slayings bring to 8 the number of persons executed in a similar drive by manner over the past month and lawmen are baffled.

The two men had just left a house in the area when according to eyewitnesses someone in a car driving behind them opened heavy gunfire. The man in the driver’s seat was riddled with bullets and lost control. From all appearances the other man tried to escape but he was shot several times about his body, falling to the ground just outside of the car.

The car carrying the gunman or gunmen drove off quietly as persons in the area sought cover and eventually ventured out as loud screams replaced the loud gunfire that they heard just moments before.

It is unknown whether last evenings killings were linked to last Friday’s execution or the earlier execution of 5 persons at Cummings Lodge. Some police investigators believe there may be a link and it may all have to do with the initial reports that the police received with regard to the first execution of the 5 persons. Then the police Commissioner indicated that the force was in receipt of information that there were serious conflict in the drug underworld.

Though the force has not confirmed or denied a link, investigators are looking at all possibilities. Family members of the men killed last evening were in shock and said they could not figure out a reason behind the murders.


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