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CANU Ranks Dismissed After Refusing To Take Lie Detector Test



The customs anti narcotics unit appears to be taking a zero tolerance on those agents who do not appear to be following the rules of the organization. Four CANU Ranks have been dismissed after they refused to turn up at work to have the mandatory lie detector tests done.

According to a CANU source, all 4 ranks knowing the date of the routine polygraph tests reported sick and never turned up to have the tests done.
Officials over at CANU found the move deliberate and sent them all packing. The 4 ranks capitol news has learnt have been on the radar of the agency for alleged misconduct. It’s unclear if CANU will still pursue the allegations against the men now that they are no longer in the employ of the drug enforcement body.

A few years back, a number of CANU officers including the then head of the agency were sent home after they failed polygraph test. That was the first time that the test was done and although some of those dismissed believed they were set up to fail because of the structure of some of the questions, CANU has never made moves to change its policy which came directly from the government which even bought its own polygraph equipment.

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