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David Granger Ready To Be PNC Presidential Candidate

By: Gordon Moseley

Former National Security Advisor under the Desmond Hoyte administration and retired army commander Brigadier David Granger is being heavily supported by several very Influential groups and members of the main opposition PNC reform to become the party’s Presidential Candidate for the next elections. And Brigadier Granger said he is ready to serve.

Late this afternoon, Granger confirmed that he has been put forward as a possible presidential candidate for the PNC and he said he has accepted and is very open to running for president on a PNC slate.

He said the PNC remains a strong party and its showing at the last General elections cannot be dismissed noting that a substantial portion of the Guyana population supports the PNC. He said he is not entering the process to challenge anyone but to rather bring the party back together pointing to the various factions that have been pushing their own candidates.

Brigadier Granger added that the PNC remains a party with talented people and there is a need for that talent to be brought together. “I am not alone and I don’t have enemies in the party” he said, adding that “the party has leaders who could easily work together and put in place development plans for the country and the party”.

“It will not be a one man show” he promised once he gets the nod to lead the party into the next elections.” I am no messiah” he told me and made it clear that he is ready and prepared to work along with others in the party to rally into the next elections. He said once he is chosen as the party’s presidential candidate, his first task will be to unite the party and put together a coherent policy for the country’s development.

At the top of that list, you’ll find several national issues including the need to return Guyana to a proper level of public security. The former army commander is worried about the heightened number of gun crimes and violence that have gripped the Guyana landscape and is even more concerned about the narco trade and its impact on the country. He said people of all walks of life across the country are affected by crime and violence issues, and those are issues that he intends to deal with. a few years back he told the Stabroek news that narcotics and fuel smuggling are corrupting Guyana on a large scale adding that he would like to see security forces spend time suppressing the narcotics and fuel smuggling trade rather than pursuing street criminals who are mere products of the more lucrative illegal trades.

Earlier this year he spoke out about the army’s deployment to the Buxton community during the crime wave, describing that as a mistake which could have contributed to the instability in the country. He has made known his views on several other national issues.

Party insiders today told capitol news that A Granger Candidacy could give the party a major push and rally many disenchanted supporters. With various groups pushing various candidates, Granger could serve as the person to bring together all supporters a party insider believes.

Reports indicate that many of the party’s overseas based groups are very open to accepting Granger and pushing him as the Presidential Candidate. They point to his years of experience in the military and also as national security advisor as his strong points as well as his understanding of many of the issues facing the Guyanese people today. Granger is also the founder of the Guyana Review Magazine which has been focusing on issues and problems that linger in the Guyanese society as well as examining the country’s development and modern day politics and political plays.

Capitol News understands too that many of the PNC’s young supporters are open to a Granger candidacy also and believe he could provide the change in direction that the party needs to head into the next elections.

In just a few weeks, the committee set up to take in recommendations for the PNC’s Presidential Candidate will report to the General Council of the party and when it does the nominations will be put to the party’s congress. This evening, the whispers are taking place in and around the hall of congress place about who best should lead the party into the next elections.

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