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Mother of Two Commits Suicide By Setting Herself and Home on Fire

By: Gordon Moseley



A 9 year troubled marriage came to a fiery and tragic end early Sunday morning in Bent Street here in the city when a 29 year old wife and mother of 2 young sons took her own life by setting the family’s small house and herself ablaze. The woman Rhondina Adams had returned to her matrimonial home just days before, after packing up and moving out 7 months ago.

When she called her husband to tell him that she wanted back in on the marriage he told her he had moved on. The man said it was not the first time that the woman had walked out on him. He said he was tired of arguing with his wife and just wanted to move on.

Although the 2 had separated the man continued to live in the family yard of the woman’s relatives and maintained a good and healthy relationship with them, early Sunday morning he said, the woman’s mother and other relatives called a meeting with both of them. Moments later the young mother walked out of the meeting and ended her life, something no one was expecting.

With two young sons left to care for, the grieving man said he had really tried with his wife, complaints to the police went unanswered. It is unknown how the fire was started, but it is believed that the woman may have doused herself in gasoline and set herself alight in a bedroom. Family members remembered hearing a loud boom from the house which indicated that the cooking gas may have been left exposed. Investigators are still probing the scene.

The suicide case represents a troubling trend in the Guyanese society. A rising suicide rate and very little help available, although there have been improvements in meeting out to depressed and troubled persons.

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